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Burglar Alarms

For the past 40 years, ABC Alarm Company, has been a  formidable force in the security industry, particularly as a security  system company. We are one of the oldest family-owned alarm companies in the  tri-state area, with customers who have maintained their accounts for 35+ years despite the proliferation of Alarm services. We value new technical capabilities, evaluating the best solution based on customer’s needs.

Camera Surveillance Systems

ABC installers are professional licensed contractors capable of installing your residential or commercial surveillance camera system professionally.  ABC's goal is to not only impress our clients with a professional installation but to provide you with a Security Camera System that will fit your security needs.

Control Panels and Equipment

ABC has installed and serviced Napco controls and equipment for over 35+ years. We do install other types of systems and service them as well. Our employees are factory trained in almost all available systems like Vista, Ademco, DSC, and others for residential and commercial use. 

Hard Wired or Wireless Alarms

A Simple Answer:

  • A hard wired system can only be installed by an alarm professional trained in security and construction.
  • Wireless systems do not have the same standards.  Installations are simplified to gluing contacts, installing a motion detector or sirens (that you can't hear outside).    Employee training is limited and control panel programming is outside their skills-they simply don't have the training and expertise to troubleshoot .  All too often, ABC is called in to remediate projects.


There is no job that can't be wired old or new and look just as good as wireless for less money and more robust security. 

Residential or Commercial

ABC installs both hard wired and wireless in residential homes. preferably hard wire.

ABC installs hard wire security systems in  all commercial installations as most wireless systems do not meet the high security needed for today's crimes and needs in the commercial industry. 

Service and Monitor Other Systems

ABC Alarm Company in Deptford Township can service any alarm system. We can take over servicing and monitoring as well and apply central communications to any alarm system. 

Call ABC Alarm Company in Deptford Township for a free estimate to take over your existing system.  This will include an evaluation to bring your system up to the standards that allow you to avoid service calls like our long standing customers who started with our trouble-free, quality installations.  We've earned their loyalty and we'll earn yours.